"The first step to building a strong

Personal Brand,

is to Believe in your own capabilities and throw away the biggest killer of success
- Your Ego"

Personal Branding

My Story

A passionate and creative entrepreneur, personal branding coach and author of my book "Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence" and Founder of Design Your Presence™ a brand and program that caters to helping entrepreneurs, trainers and coaches, design and automate their own personal brand presence through confident brand storytelling, reputation building and magnetic marketing, making them powerful and charismatic leaders in the industry!

My approach towards personal branding has always been experimental, research centric and realistic. Though I have close to a decade of experience in the industry, I always felt that something was missing. 

Each individual has the power to make a difference through their expertise, resilience, and commitment. I was always so curious to know how our capacity can lead us to create amazing things, and that led me to believe in the fact that I am here for a very valid reason – to help people unleash their capabilities and master the art of uniqueness through storytelling, conscious reputation building and thoughtful marketing!

I am a Personal Branding Coach,
Entrepreneur & Founder of “Design Your Presence"

Personal Branding coach

So, people have asked me - Where did all this begin?

It all started in school, an introvert, awkward, chubby little girl (sometimes in my own world), low on confidence, who had a strong fear of public speaking. It was a nightmare I tell you! On the contrary, I was always so eager to create new things. Whether it was art, music, dancing or even coming up with new approaches towards any new idea, I have always been passionate about “creating”. But, because of my low confidence and belief that I wasn’t good enough, I would only dream about it and not push myself to do it. My journey towards building my confidence and moulding my own presence started post high school, when I fell in love with keeping fit, dressing better, and developing my creativity through art, dancing, and music.

Fast forward to 2011, after finishing Art school, I made a quick transition from Textile Designing to Image Management, Personal Styling & Soft skills Training. Since I saw the importance of making a difference by being a better version of myself, I thought why not help people do the same!

Personal Branding coach

One life. Got to make the most of it by doing what you love.

Doing a course in Image Management & Soft Skills training at the prestigious Image Consulting Business Institute (Conselle Institute Of Image Management, USA), is what got me to transform from deep within, and it changed A LOT of things for the better. Right from my public speaking skills, to the way I expressed myself through my stories and also presenting myself as a confident and trusted expert in my industry, the journey has been nothing short of amazing! I started developing my experience in styling, training, and coaching by helping many entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, corporate, and creative heads, build their own presence.

But the only thing that held me back was my lack of Business & Marketing skills. This made my brand building a lot slower. So as how every struggling entrepreneur thinks – “Maybe I am not doing enough. I should just look for a full-time job, earn a stable income and work on the brand on the side.”

Sounds like Many of us?

From 2014 till 2017, I was bitten by the “full-time job” bug. I worked with two retail and ecommerce giants – Myntra Designs and then Arvind Limited, as a Lead Stylist and Manager, which got me to dive deep into helping brands like GAP, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger & Sephora to name a few, build their own brand presence through the way their merchandise was styled and presented online. This also helped me learn the nuts & bolts of brand presence, management and business development.

While at it, I was working on my own brand on the side.

The choices we make is the journey we take.
It’s up to us on how we want to create it into a story.

Personal Branding coach

Early 2017, I was on my way back from a nice long UK-Europe vacation with my husband, when I figured out that I was locked out my work email! I was innocently eager to update myself with what was happening at work so that when I head to office the next day, I should not be kept in the dark. This made me realize that something is up. I went to office the next day, with mixed emotions and walked out in a couple of hours with a “pink slip” that I call a blessing today.

This experience nailed me on the head Quite hard.

I realised one thing – All this while, I was working for someone else’s mission when  I had my own mission to build and nurture – which was to help people become better versions of themselves through personal branding. In simple words, I wasn’t doing justice to what I had created in 2011/2012.

From then on, my mission to help other coaches, trainers, course creators and entrepreneurs build their own powerful presence as the preferred choice in their respective industries only got stronger, because I believe that we are self sufficient and can have our own source of income instead of relying on others. 

Personal Branding coach

The only way to make it big in what you love doing, is to take the leap and do whatever it takes! I had to jump.

I went on a rebrand, revamp, and rework spree and started building my name as a personal branding coach and creative entrepreneur. Because of experiencing a sudden drop in income, I tried to figure out ways to make money while building this business. I became a Zumba™ & Pound™ Fitness Instructor and also earned myself an AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association Of America) Certificate. I didn’t earn what I had expected but it kept me going. Right from learning all by myself, to taking up training and coaching assignments for companies like Capgemini, Zee Group & Make My Trip, to getting mentored and coached by some of the finest experts in the industry, I managed to develop this love for “Doing It Yourself” to finally, getting people to “Do It For Me”.

I believe strongly in the power of continuous learning and that if you want to be a great leader, you got to constantly learn and unlearn, to master the art of uniqueness!

I enriched my learning journey with people who supported me, mentored me and also celebrated my successes on the way.

Personal Branding coach

It was in the year 2019, when I actually saw myself evolve into a reputed coach and business creator in my industry. I built a 6-Step Strategy that I tested out on myself first before I could​ share it with my clients. I laser focused into getting more specific with how I want to help entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers simplify their journey towards building a passionate and trusted personal brand presence. Through Design Your Presence™, I am offering you a simple, straightforward, no-fuss 6 Step Strategy called S.T.A.R (Simplify To Amplify Reputation) that can help you build a reputed personal brand presence that generates more clients. It is your path to confidently expressing yourself through your own story, building a reputed presence online and offline, and developing a thoughtful approach towards marketing so that people trust you.

​Today, I have a growing community of entrepreneurs, trainers, and coaches who are implementing the S.T.A.R strategy and building their own presence that gets them more qualified clients. 

Want to know How you can do this?

"Design Your Presence"